Liberté d'Expression


Welcome to Liberté d’Expression

Liberté d’Expression Ltd was initially set up to organise art exhibitions and provide artists with an opportunity to explore, develop and exhibit their talents and interests, irrespective of their age, experience or artistic background.

Following its first exhibition in 2007, we have also worked with clients to provide artwork (painting, sculpture, photography, installation) for their commercial and residential projects.

Since, we have been involved in a number of exiting projects including product and interior design, song writing, children books and recently animation.


  • We started the “Happy Lane” (HL) series in 2010. No1 and No2 HL books have already been completed. Claire Kiernan, an artist from the 2007 exhibition, is currently painting No3 Happy Lane. Once done, she will finalise all the paintings for, No4, No5 and No6 Happy Lane.
  • “Cheeky Monkey”, which illustrations were produced by Adebanji Alade (Banji – another artist from the original exhibition), has been subject to a small make over so that the story is more adapted to 2-5 years old group age. The story is shorter and the structure of the book easier to read.
  • We have been busy working on the latest book called “Mr T and the J Man”, which has been reviewed by nurseries and friends' families.
  • All the stories aim at the 2-5 year olds, dealing with principles of life, morals, environment issues and scientific concepts in a fun and easy way to understand.
  • We are now seeking a publisher for the set of books as well as a production company to further the initial concept for an animated TV series, which combines both sets of books “Sunny Lane” & “Mr T and the J Man”. Check out this link on YouTube and please do “Like” if you do and share the link on Facebook with Sharmina Karim.
  • The new website is under construction. Watch the space.