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Discover 'Entwined', a page-turner psychological thriller with its unreliable narrators and multiple point of views and realities. When real danger comes from the place you fear most: within. Unbeknownst to them, Isabel Lavigne and Lucia Dos Santos fall for the same outwardly charming man. Their picture-perfect lives are thrown into turmoil as a series of ordeals befall them. It seems they can’t trust anyone, least of all, themselves. As the lies and betrayals unwind, the women discover they are more closely entwined than they had ever thought possible. Bound together by birth, torn apart by life, can the two women co-exist, or must one succumb to let the other survive?

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Product Description: Entwined is a fast-paced women's psychological thriller, in a similar vein to Before I go to Sleep and Gone Girl. Issue led, it reflects contemporary culture and portrays strong female voices with major plot twists, unreliable narrators and backstories to create tension. Given the increasing public and media attention on mental health issues and diversity, the book is also particularly relevant and topical.

Disclaimer: self published novel with mature content. 

Independent reviews:

Entwined is so gripping! Wow! Very descriptive as well. Loving it.

Really enjoyed Entwined. Lots of twists.

86 pages in so far and really impressed. I like the way the story moves between the two main characters on each chapter.

I'm well into the book. Disturbing, compelling, it’s a great read. S.K. Allen aced a pipeline. On the shelves, between GoneGirl and PDJames - niche.

The novel could be pitched as Fifty Shades of Grey meets Before I Go to Sleep. This is a twisty and compelling concept that has the makings of a distinctive and dynamic piece of work. Exciting novel with a fresh angle that has the potential to attract agent and publisher attention.

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