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Unbeknownst to them, two women fall for the same outwardly charming man. Their picture-perfect lives are thrown into turmoil as a series of ordeals befall them. It seems they can’t trust anyone, least of all, themselves. As the lies and betrayals unwind, the women discover they are more closely entwined than they had ever thought possible. Bound together by birth, torn apart by life, can the two women co-exist, or must one succumb to let the other survive? DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 30 PAGES FOR FREE BELOW. Author: Marsha Riminak Format: eBook (PDF or epub) - free shipping via email


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Entwined is a fast-paced women's psychological thriller in a similar vein to Before I go to Sleep but with a sexy edge that keeps readers guessing right up to the finale. Issue led, it reflects contemporary culture and portrays strong female voices with major plot twists, unreliable narrators and backstories to create tension.