Artz N’ Craftz is fun, therapeutic and challenging

Why Art N’ Craftz

With the pressure of raising test scores and passing 11+ exams, as well as dealing with reduced budgets, maths and english have taken priority over ‘non-essential’ subjects such as the arts education. Artz N’ Craftz’s aim is to support the busy school timetable by making art more accessible to the local community and enable children to develop and engage the creative part of their brain in fun and exciting ways using a range of media and techniques.


  • Supplementary Art Sessions
  • After School Clubs 
  • Holiday Camps 

Each of session is adapted and tailored-made to suit various and mix age group. 

For the younger ones, EYFS / KS1 children are presented each week with a mission or a problem statement that they need to help resolve. For example:

  • Tissue paper project: Sunshine, my turtle pet had babies, but they all have outgrown their home. Can you help me decorate their new home?
  • Wooden stick project: I have bought beautiful aquariums, but there’s no colour and no the fish in the tanks. Can you find new friends and bring some colour in their life?
  • Pasta project: My friends Mr Lion, Mr Sun, Mrs Snake and Miss Flower misplaced part of their body, can you help me feel whole again?

Current Location

  • Elmhurst School of Boys

Our Aim

At Artz N’ Craftz, we want to ensure that children have the freedom to develop their natural artistic interest, ideas and skills in a relaxed yet ‘prepared’ environment in order to:

  • Celebrate creativity to strengthen their wellbeing, building on their self-esteem whilst generating a sense of achievement and pride
  • Enable problem solving and think creatively, looking at a range of mix media for them to explore
  • Engage motor skills, manipulating various tools to make their art until they reach their upmost potential and satisfaction
  • Increase introspection and empathy through working in collaboration with others from different year groups and classes in a fun environment
  • Improve creative thinking skills with individual artistic improvisation and group projects
  • Develop children’s artistic skills, creativity and confidence.

If you are interested in having an Artz N’ Craftz art sessions at your school, please contact us using our contact form

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