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Arts and crafts positively impacts motor, social, and cognitive skills  

As the pandemic has shown, creativity is a psychological and physiological therapeutic healer, a powerful way to keep our brains active. Arts and crafts activities are not just for children; they offer a mind-field of benefits, from enabling stress relief and driving self-esteem, to generating creative thinking and motor skills, all in a social setting. They are the perfect creative therapy combo to provide many elderly people with a sense of purpose, a mental and physical stimulation that re-energises the soul with positivity.

At Artz N’ Craftz, we believe in creating a sense of community and enabling new friendship. We want art to be a conduit to boost self-confidence and provide care home residents with a sense of accomplishment in a safe and friendly environment that is tailored to each individual skill and ability. 

So let's us help you to stimulate the mind of your residents and enable them to explore and experiment with a range of different mediums and materials in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.