About Artz N' Craftz

About Artz N' Craftz

Alongside sport & technology, art creates a healthy balance

In this digital day and age, kids spend more and more time on their devices and participating in sports activities. At Artz N’ Craftz, we believe that arts are equally important and, just like sports or video games, require commitment, perseverance and hard work. Through our programme, we want to enable children to creatively express their emotions and thoughts at their own pace, where the focus is on their artistic expression rather than the final output. Through a hands-on approach, participants will learn about self-expression and communication through collaboration, exploration and experimentation into our arty lab.

We provide artist-led art and craft sessions using various types of media such as paint, pastels, pencils, crayons, mortar, and tools like recycled items, newspaper, foil, cling film and sponges, focusing on foundational skills such as colouring, gluing, painting, modelling and cutting. Each class will cover a new challenge, using a range of techniques for the kids to harness their curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Material is inclusive for all participants who will all come home with a piece of artwork to celebrate their accomplishment with their loved ones.

So keep your home mess-free with Artz N’ Craftz as we lead your child into a fun  journey with colours, shapes, textures and lines.

About Sharmina

Beyond some emotional teenage poetry and abstract doodles during her years in high school, Sharmina had never considered herself the artistic type. But in her mid-twenties, she put her doodling to canvas for the first time and produced her first ‘suprematism’ artwork. That first step opened the door to a new world of artistic expression and boosted her imagination, confidence and self-esteem in the process. Since then, Sharmina has become a multifaceted artist, selling her work across the UK and Europe. Qualified as an interior designer and a children’s illustrated author, she is a mother of two and a South Croydon artist with 20 years’ experience in the world of arts.

Testimonies (Kids and Adults)

"The explanation was very good so I knew what I was doing. The help provided was very good as well."

"We used lots of materials and had lots of fun."

"I enjoyed making a new friend. The art was lots of fun. The best bit was making the tree. The lady was a good person and kind."

"Lots of art supply and very colourful. I could experiment by mixing all the colours up together."

"I really enjoyed the lesson and I learnt a lot."

"The art was fun and enjoyable. It was more interactive than art classes at school. Sharmina was kind and funny. I learnt a lot of new things."

"There was a lot of materials and good instructions."

"My picture went well. I like the colour."

“Sharmina gave me a lot of freedom to express my thoughts and I felt very calm during the session. I didn’t want it to end!”

"I had never been to an Art Workshop before, and I don’t consider myself artistic. However, I am so glad I went along. The atmosphere was super friendly, and I enjoyed the activities very much, lovely food and drinks and a lovely friendly host, great evening. Thank you."

"In typical Mum fashion I do lots of arts and craft activities with the girls, but I never actually do art for myself. It was really fun being creative, something I haven't done since school. I would really recommend Sharmina who made it fun and enjoyable."

“Sharmina has a very generous teaching style. Sharing techniques and tips she has honed through years of exploration. My skills came on hugely as a results of her tuition… and I have very much enjoyed myself in the process!.”

“I didn’t know I was missing art until I painted with Sharmina. She made me believe I could become an artist.”

“Doing these art classes has been so therapeutic. They have allowed me to reconnect and express myself and be in the moment. Sharmina has a great way of boosting your confidence and making you feel great.”

"I am a visitor in the UK from Hong Kong, I attended this Arts Workshop with my partner, I enjoyed the evening, everyone was friendly and made me feel welcome. I still have the Lotus Flower I made. Very pleasurable and entertaining."