Interior Design

A few years ago, we took a change of direction setting up an art consultancy business. Whilst working on a number of residential and commercial art procurement projects, we then moved on into interior and furniture design.

Interior design

Concept rational 1: For this project, I was inspired by one of Heston Blumentha’s main interests – rediscovering historical British gastronomy from Victorian, Tudor England to medieval times and ancient Rome. The idea came up whilst reading a number of articles and interviews about Heston Blumenthal. A particular sentence caught my attention "... research into historic British gastronomy in a bid to recreate dishes inspired by the past." I immediately thought this could be applied for the interior of the restaurant "... research into historic British styles in a bid to recreate interiors inspired by the past." As the premises were a former pub circa 1550, it made sense to me to focus on the Tudor era.

Product design

Concept rational 2: Whilst reflecting the Goring Hotel's history and classical style, Tim Gosling's approach to the interior design of the lounge room draws some of its inspiration from the art deco references visible throughout the space. Using the Art Deco elements as the starting point of the design, the research undertaken indicated that the main characteristics of the style are clean lines and sharp edges, stylishness and symmetry. It's sleek, streamlined forms conveys elegance and sophistication, which is very much in line with the qualities of the Cheney's best sellers today.